Best platinum cards for status spenders and rewards seekers


Remember the days when gold credit cards were the gold standard? Then platinum credit cards became the new mark of exclusivity. Since then, the platinum of platinum credit cards have morphed into black, clear, blue, plum, titanium and every other color imaginable in the status rainbow. How do you choose?

The good news is platinum credit cards are more available to average consumers. You don't need the highest income or credit scores to qualify for members only benefits, but generally just need a solid credit history and a FICO above 650. If you pass the criteria, you can earn platinum credit card points redeemable for prizes and merchandise, tap customer service benefits, accrue frequent flyer miles, get discounts and reap cashback bonuses. Most platinum credit cards also guarantee over-the-limit services, so you'll never again have to deal with the embarrassment of getting your card declined.

Let's take a look at some of the best platinum credit cards on the market.