Subway Doors Now Apartment Decor

New York City subway doorA familiar routine: Roll out of bed. Shower. Get dressed. Run downstairs and hop on the subway. Forget it. Now bring the subway doors right inside your apartment.

New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority is now offering actual subway doors for sale. At just $175 a set they are sure to get snapped up quickly by people who would love to sleep near the subway, not on it, as recently happened when an autistic boy went missing.

Some possible uses for discarded subway doors in your apartment:

  • Use them as a partition in open-floor plan apartments.
  • Use them as a really interesting headboard for a bed.
  • Attach legs, add a piece of glass to smooth the surface, and use them as a desk or table.
  • Bank 'em, and sell them later at a profit to another collector
Just be sure to clean the doors really well... just imagine all the fingers that have touched them! (Eww.)

What other ideas could breathe new life into subway doors? Add your ideas here.
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