Mafia Wars Tip: Finding Blackmail Photos


Getting to the Consigliere Tier in Mafia Wars New York hopefully means that you've mastered the first six tiers that precede it. Yet a new and rare prerequisite item now comes into play with the first Influence a Harbor Official job -- Blackmail Photos.

Of course, you're going to need a stack of Blackmail Photos in order to master all three levels of the job. Here's how to find the photos.

The easiest way to obtain Blackmail Photos is by going under the Hitman Jobs tab and doing the "Obtaining Compromising Photos" job. Of course, this is only a chance to get the photos but since that's the only loot you can gain, you won't end up with a lot of extra loot that you don't need.

The only other way to get Blackmail Photos is to beg your Mafia for them. Go to your Inventory, select Loot and click on the Add to Wishlist button beside Blackmail Photos (just like the picture below). Then go to the top of the Loot page to select the Share Wishlist with Your Friends. If you're in good standing with your mafia, they may send you gifts. As always, try to gift back whenever possible.

Happy blackmailing.

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