It takes the million dollar cake

The million-dollar question being asked among the faithful followers of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing" show is this: Where is Chad getting those cakes from?

Chad Rogers, one of the three Realtors whose antics are followed each week, let the frosting out of the bag. In an interview with WalletPop, he revealed that he gets the one-of-a-kind cakes at the Brentwood bakery, Susie's Cakes.

Rogers uses them to make his open houses memorable (the $700 cake was decorated with an image of Cake Chad wearing identical clothes to Real Chad, standing in front of an exact replica of the house with a talk bubble saying "It's always a wonderful day in my neighborhood." In the show, Real Chad waits for the end of the open house and then eats Cake Chad's hair.

Another Chad cake appeared in the most recent episode where for his 32nd birthday, Chad's girlfriend Victoria gifts him legal joint custody of Starla, their little dog.

Chad considers Starla his secret weapon, the deal closer. He whips the long-haired Chihuahua out of his briefcase and invariably the home owner fawns over the pupmeister and lists with him. On the Starla cake, he ate Starla. And given his relationship with his hair, that's saying something.

Cakes have apparently long been part of his life. "My mom actually started calling me Chaddie-Cake years ago and then Victoria started copying her. I started calling Victoria "ViVi-Cakes" and when we got Starla, we started calling her "Starlie-Cakes," he said. "But now we dropped the first part of each other's name and just call each other

That might just be too sweet for me.
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