Black Friday: Tools to find the best deal

If you're looking for great Black Friday deals you should read WalletPop's Black Friday Shopping Guide, which will tell you the best places to shop for specific items, but if you still need to compare the Black Friday sales we have five tools to help you find what you're looking for.

First off points us to an interactive online Black Friday offer browser that lets you sort, compare and filter on many categories so that you can compare the Black Friday sales that matter to you. It is easy to sort by store, price, category, brand, and even if there is a rebate involved.

Cheapism also pointed out a Black Friday Twitter aggregation tool put together by the Washington Post that is pulling in Black Friday deals from companies that Tweet. This is a great place to watch for last minute deal announcements and coupon codes.

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There are also several other tools for comparing Black Friday deals including Gophn's Black Friday spreadsheet of deals that, like the offer browser, lets you sort through deals. One benefit of this is that you can download it to your laptop and take it with you on Thanksgiving.

PriceTrace is another place you can compare Black Friday deals by category and they also show the historical price information for many of the doorbusters so you know if it really is a doorbuster to get in line for or just an everyday price hyped up for Black Friday.

Rounding out our Black Friday toolbox is Retrevo. Retrevo has two cool features to help you on Black Friday. The first is that you can look up any item in the Retrevo catalog and see what the fair price of for that item is, if people like the product as well as if it is at the end of its life. This makes it easy to avoid buying a Black Friday clearance deal like Kodak zi6 from Office Max.

Retrevo's second tool can help you make a last minute decision in line on Black Friday. RetrevoQ boils down all of their product data and delivers it in 140 characters telling you; if a product is a good buy, what a fair price is and the price range of your item at online stores. To use this service you can text the product name and "retrevoq" to 41411 or send a message to @Retrevoq on Twitter.

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