Party Circuit Hits Vacant Homes

New York partyThe kids have gone wild, y'all!

Pesky kids have gotten industrious and are throwing parties in vacant homes across the country. Better start keeping an eye on your neighbor's house that's for sale or that foreclosure down the block. But we have to say, way to be industrious, kids.

Of course, neighbors are none too pleased.

According to USA Today, late-night parties have been broken up in vacant houses outside of Atlanta, San Diego, Tempe, Ariz., and Fort Meyers, Fla. Some were more rowdy than others.

In San Diego a well-orchestrated rave ring called The Party Crew profited from their parties. The group found clever ways to gain access. They would send a couple to tour the for-sale house, then when the Realtor wasn't looking, one of them would leave a window open or a door ajar. But party is over - about a dozen have been arrested for charges including grand theft, burglary and vandalism

In Fort Meyers, where there have been many foreclosures, a child of the former residents returned "home" to throw a bash. The police busted the illegal party and arrested several kids. According to Fort Myers police Sgt. Larry King, they "Ended up busting the place up."

On Halloween someone threw a 1,000-person party complete with shuttle buses in Sandy Springs, Ga., a wealthy Atlanta suburb. The party was broken up when neighbors complained about the noise, but all this begs the question: Will owners begin renting their vacant homes for parties to earn some extra scratch during the housing slump? Not a bad idea.
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