NBA's Worst Owner Also Pretty Bad Landlord

The Los Angeles Clippers have been referred to as the NBA's most accursed team. Their most recent first-round draft pick, of which they have many since they are consistently terrible, Blake Griffin, hurt himself before the season even started and hasn't played a single game yet. They also have the bad luck of being in the same town and same stadium as the L.A. Lakers, and have never won a title in the franchise's history.

Most, if not all, of this bad karma can be laid at the feet of owner Donald Sterling.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Mr. Sterling will be coughing up a record $2.75 million fine for discriminating against African Americans, Hispanics and families with children, as part of his business owning apartments and commercial space in Los Angeles' Koreatown.

Considering how many fans of the NBA fall into one of these three groups, this seems like it will not help Mr. Sterling or his team's popularity.

"The settlement, which must be approved by U.S. District Judge Dale S. Fischer, is the largest ever obtained by the Justice Department in a housing discrimination case involving apartment rentals, officials said."

Sterling, a divorce and real estate lawyer by trade, has also been involved in sexual harassment allegations.

Needless to say, he might not be our first choice for either the owner of our favorite sports team or the guy we have to send rent checks to every month.
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