Model Dead in Paris Apartment

Daul Kim, an international high fashion model was found dead on Friday in her Paris apartment. The South Korean native was 20. She is one of several high-profile South Koreans and another high-profile model to commit suicide in the last year.

It has been shown that suicidal behavior travels through social circles. Interestingly, gaining or losing weight - a preoccupation shared by many, and particularly by models - is also thought to travel social circles, according to a new book called "Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Circles."

Could self-destructive behavior stem, in part, from the close social ties formed when models live together in apartments?

It is a common practice for modeling agencies to house models together in shared rental apartments. Daul was living with her boyfriend, not other models, at the time of her death. However, one can assume she shared housing at some point in her career.

No agencies would comment on how common it is for models to live together, or on problems that can arise.

However, American model Elyse Sewell, based in Hong Kong, posted a photograph of shared quarters on a message board, shown here. The spaces appears neither large nor glamorous. Likely the shared living is a topic she'll explore in her first book about life as a model.

Based on theories explored in the book "Connected," it is plausible that people sharing tight spaces like these would eventually come to share similar outlooks and behaviors, in what scientists calling "norming."
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