Would You Rent With Edward Cullen?

Handsome vampires à la "Twilight"'s Edward Cullen might be all the rage, but living with one is another thing entirely.

Desperate landlords are doing all manor of things to stay competitive in this renters' market - including bragging about ghosts. While some landlords are cutting rent,giving away apartments and TVs and throwing in other amenities on the house, others are just trying to stand out among the hordes of tenant-hungry landlords. But bragging about ghosts?! According to a recent article in the Tucson Citizen, this might not be the best plan.

While a ghost in the house might grab eyes for a rental listing, that may not be a good thing. In a Rent.com Halloween survey 69 percent of respondents said they'd live in a haunted house for discounted or free rent. And 30 percent said they wouldn't live there even if rent were free, so there's little advantage for landlords to advertise a haunted building unless they're just looking to get an - ummm - warm body in there..

Homeowners and landlords are better off keeping paranormal activity to themselves. Once a property is stigmatized with a murder or lore of a ghost, they often don't sell for full price. A 1991 court case in New York involved a known haunted house that the new owners didn't know was haunted when they bought it. When they found out they sued for non-disclosure and won on appeal. So for renters that means you might want to ask around and see if any neighbors can share info about an apartment's past.

However, if your ghost - or vampire, in this case - is fictional, you're in the clear. The owners of the Vancouver, B.C. home where brooding vamp-stud Edward Cullen and his family of vampires stayed in the "Twilght" movie is on the market and if the movie's popularity is any indicator, the owners should cash in, despite the economy.

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