Is Social Gaming A Threat to Video Games? Playfish Boss Says No


Sebastien De Halleux, Playfish COO, talks with MSNBC's Power Lunch crew about the the social media gaming threat to traditional game makers. De Halleux says he doesn't see games like Pet Society, et al as a threat to video games, since it caters to two different audiences and Major League Gaming's Sundance DiGiovanni says hardcore gamers are just as likely too take up social games. In the end, there's no real conclusion, just a bunch of talking head stuff for quick-hit investor types. Watch the entire segment below.

We're just glad to see that social gaming is on people's radar (and did you see Sebastien's awesome hair? He's so handsome). Best factoid gleaned from this segment: " Restaurant City our players buy 20 million items every day." If you think about it -- that's a lot of coin. All aboard the money train!

Do you think social gaming is a threat to companies who make traditional video games?Sound off in the comments below.