Norah's Windows All Clear


The scuttlebutt over Ms. Jones' new windows has finally cleared.

As reported, singer Norah Jones found herself in a dispute over adding windows to her brownstone apartment this week. of Courier-Life Publications reports that New York City's Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) has decided not to give the Grammy Award-winning recording artist's window proposal another look. They did not back down despite neighbors threatening a lawsuit.

Commission spokesperson Lisi de Bourbon told that there are no plans to hold a hearing on the Amity Street property between Clinton and Court streets regardless of complaints from the Cobble Hill Association and other concerned parties. Opponents charge that Jones' new windows would be "out of character" in the historic block.

"We have no plans to have a hearing and there is no basis to rescind the existing approval," de Bourbon said about the songstress' request to install "ten new masonry openings" as well as "two-over-two double-hung windows within the openings" on the side of her home.

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