Mafia Wars Tip: Finding Illegal Transaction Records


While last week's Big Apple Week event helped Mafia Wars players get closer to completing the New York Tiers, the Consigliere Tier presents a new challenge that makes it harder to complete. Each time you do the "Fix the Big Game" job, you use one Illegal Transaction Record. Three mastery levels only compound the problem by sending players off to find where they can find more Illegal Transaction Records.

You'll be happy to know that you can find them under the Capo Tier. By completing the "Steal Bank Records" job, you'll get a chance to loot more records. Of course, that chance will cost 27 Energy, which is going to make completing the Consigliere and Underboss tiers even harder.

Or you can beg. Go into your Inventory and click on "Loot." Under the "Special Loot" area, you can ask your Mafia to send you Illegal Transaction Records by using "Add to Wishlist" button. If your Mafia likes you, you may soon see those gifts piling up. If not, you may want to chat with your Mafia members personally to see if there's a way to barter for something they want. Good luck.

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