Thanksgiving Countdown: Give Your Guests the 5-Star Treatment

Living in a resort town, we have a lot of houseguests coming through our door. While we love to host our friends, it can start to get expensive trying to add special touches for each of them (we picked the first guests up in a chauffeured car stocked with champagne, so clearly the bar needed to be lowered at least a little bit).

Here are some ideas we've put in place to help our guests know that they made the right choice in staying with us instead of at a hotel:

Towel Animals - possibly cheesy, but they always bring a smile. I've mastered the swan, and am moving onto the elephant next.

Bath Robes - we have a 'his' and a 'hers' hanging in the guest room closet. It's an especially nice gesture if your guests will have to walk down a hall or other communal space to get to the bathroom.

Hand Towels - we bought a dozen cheap, white washcloths and rolled them up in a basket like you'd find in a fancy restaurant or hotel. The bonus is that it's more eco-conscious than setting out paper hand towels -- and more sanitary than the communal cloth towel (yuck).

Pillow Chocolates - another tongue-in-cheek move, but it's a cheap and easy one, and always gets a good laugh. No chocolates on-hand? Sub lunchbox snack cakes, airplane-sized liquor bottles, sticks of gum - it's the thought that counts.

What are some of your favorite welcome gestures for house guests?
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