Going to Rome? Rent a Pet Society Friendly Apartment

pet society friend apartment rome
pet society friend apartment rome

Italian rental site, Roman Rentals Co, says that the only animals allowed to stay in their apartments are virtual ones from Pet Society.

According to the rental site's blog, one Pet Society pet -- named Robottomatospace -- thoroughly enjoyed her stay in one of their apartments. She even left this testimonial:

"This was the first time away from Pet Society and into the real world. I loved Apartment Paradiso... it was so charming! But I did miss my soap bar and the Mystery Boxes I'm addicted to. But I must admit that shopping in Rome is great... I got a good exchange rate for my gold coins."

The site also points out that they offer rentals with broadband access, so avid Pet Society fans can go on vacation and keep up with their virtual pets.

While you have to wonder who's behind such a bizarro blog post, it's also a genius viral marketing ploy to get people to their site. I went to Rome earlier this year and would have definitely considered renting from these guys just for their wacky sense of humor.

[Via Playfish Twitter]