Deal of a lifetime: Bargain shopper proposes on deal Web site

On Saturday morning an amazing deal popped up on the Web site -- a free engagement ring. But, like all great deals this one came with a catch, it was only good for Stefanie Setlock of Atlanta, GA.

The deal, set up by groom to be Brian Chernick, required a coupon code of, "I DO" and came complete with "free on-one-knee delivery." All this added up to, what Dealnews called, "the lowest total price we've seen for any marriage proposal, excluding refurbs."

Included in the deal is a lifetime of, "having and holding, for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, and till death do you part," but there is no warranty provided!

We caught up with Chernick by telephone to congratulate the couple and find out why he chose to propose on a deal Web site.

"You could call us a bargain shopping couple," said Chernick, "we both visit Dealnews once a day to look for deals."

Knowing that he could count on Stefanie to look for a deal on Saturday he coordinated with Dealnews to list his proposal as a hot deal, it even garnered an "Editors' Choice" pick, and waited for the right moment to surprise her.

Brian admits that he did have to prod Stefanie to check the Dealnews site but only because he wanted to be there when she saw the deal. First thing Saturday morning, while Stefanie was still waking up he brought her a computer, telling her that she had to check out a "cool deal!"

With a ring in hiding he handed her the computer and waited while she scrolled through the deals looking for a deal worth sharing. As Chernick described it Stefanie first scrolled completely past the deal; but he quickly pointed out the deal in question.

After a look of confusion, she turned toward him, and "that's when the tears came." Oh, and of course an "I Do!"
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