Can you trust T-Mobile's Sidekick?


T-Mobile is restarting its Sidekick sales again after last month's data loss that permanently left its customers without photos, contacts or information.

The only trouble was that a day after T-Mobile began selling its beleaguered product at a reduced price, it was reported that its UK staff was selling off customer information to the highest outside bidder. Severe data loss vs. security breach by employees ... which is worse?

At this point, does it matter? T-Mobile, which is using Microsoft's Danger for Sidekick technology and data services, can't shift the blame on Microsoft for this recent security breach. Instead, it was solely the work of T-Mobile employees destroying customer trust.

So even if T-Mobile is offering the Sidekick 2008 for $49 and the Sidekick LX 2009 for $149 (down $50 and $30 respectively from last month) with a two-year contract, it may not be worth it to consumers who have lost confidence in the company and can't trust their data won't be lost or stolen.