Black Friday: Bing Cashback offers up to additional 35% off

Black Friday deals are already appealing, with plenty of Black Friday laptop deals and clothing deals and plenty more. But what would you say if you could get an extra; 5%, 10%, 20%, or even 35% off of your purchase in the form of cash back just by starting your holiday shopping on

For a limited time on Black Friday, November 27th, Bing will offer bigger cash-back rewards as part of their Bing Goldrush promotion. This will include cash-back amounts from 5 to 35 percent from retailers such as Macy's, Sears, The Gap, AT&T, Walmart, eBay, HP and many more.

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While Bing hasn't announced the specific rewards for all participating retailers, it gave WalletPop a sneak peak and we can share the following cash-back amounts.
  • Dell -- 20% cash back
  • Macy's -- 10% cash back
  • Home Depot -- 8% cash back
The best part about these deals is that you can combine them -- so long as you don't use a coupon code -- with other Black Friday deals. The additional 20% discount on a Dell purchase turns a so-so deal into a great Black Friday computer deal.

Bing Cashback works by rewarding you for searching with When searching for an item, say a new Dell laptop, on you can click on the one of the results that is tagged with a gold coin representing "Bing Cashback" to save money on your purchase. While you are there, you can also use Bing's search results to compare prices and read reviews. After clicking on the cash-back link you only need to finish your transaction and wait 60 days to receive your cash back.

Last year, when Bing offered 35% cashback on purchases, many customers experienced issues trying to get the site to load and redeeming their cash-back reward, the latter due to the use of coupon codes. These problems caused many shoppers to approach Cashback with a bit of caution.

When asked about the experience this year, a Microsoft spokesperson told us via email that, "We are prepared to manage issues that may arise to ensure our customers' needs are addressed. "While you should approach a cash-back purchase the same way you would one with a mail in rebate, if you follow the rules and keep track of your purchases you'll be fine.

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