Rite Aid $3 off $15 coupon; expires Nov. 28


Wahoo! Here are two great coupons from Rite Aid. The first gets you $3 off a purchase of $15 or more. The second coupon gets you $2 off any Rite Aid brand skin care or beauty product that costs more than $2. In store only.

After the $2 off coupon these products cost:

  • A 300 pack of cotton swabs are 19 cents.

  • A pack of 32 make up wedges are 39 cents.

  • A pack of 25 antibacterial wipes, grape scents, are 49 cents.

  • A pack of 80 Cotton rounds are 59 cents.

  • Advanced healing lotion 10 ounces is 79 cents.

  • Baby Lotion Sunscreen 50 SPF 3 oz. is $1.

Final prices may vary. Print both coupons here. Both expire Saturday, Nov. 28. Neither can be combined with other discounts.

Caveats: Does not apply to prescriptions, co-pays, lottery tickets, tobacco, alcohol products, money orders, gift cards, stamps, licenses, other mailing series, online purchases or any other items excluded by law. Not valid online, sales tax not included.