Makeover Houses Too 'Extreme' to Sell

Two Las Vegas homes that were featured on the hit show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are currently on the market, according to a Las Vegas CBS affiliate.

This 3 bedroom, 3 bath home was built for the Cerda family and is on the market for $500,000. As part of the show, the crew demolished the old home, which had mold, allergens and plumbing issues.

Zillow's algorithm says the house is only worth $250,000, so we'll see if the Cerda's get anything close to their offering price in the tumultuous Vegas housing market. The house across the street sold for just $72,000.

Another home, built for Patricia Broadbent and her three adopted children, is expected to be put on the market soon.

There are no issues reported with either house: Mr. Cerda is relocating because of his employer, and Ms. Broadbent wants to downsize because her children have grown up and moved out of the home.

The Broadbent makeover was in 2004, so it's not unreasonable that she'd be selling their house five years later, except that the market is so weak.

That may call into question the whole concept of the "extreme" makeover. People are learning to live with smaller homes, less space, and lower cost, so does it really make sense to continue demolishing homes and building McMansions?

Particularly people who are middle-aged or older, do they really want a monstrosity of a house, even if it is customized for them and their families.

To be fair to the show, in most cases there is some kind of health or financial issue that is being addressed by the remodel, but the show may need to scale back on how extreme these makeovers are.

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