Mafia Wars Toolbar Gives Players Limited Edition Utility Belt


Wish that you could monitor your Mafia Wars mafia all day without ditching work or school? Well the makers of the game have just introduced a new official toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox that lets players check out their Health Energy, Stamina and the time remaining until they can use an Energy Pack. It's pretty simple but installers of the beta version of the toolbar will receive an in-game advantage, a Limited Edition Utility Belt that comes with 30 Attack/30 Defense.

While the Mafia Wars Toolbar adds yet another search field to the growing list of search options along with links back to Cafe World, FishVille and Roller Coaster Kingdom, it does add another level of scrutiny. Created with tools from, players can add apps to their toolbar that look a lot like the deals that Zynga has been getting a lot of flak for lately.

Install the Mafia Wars Toolbar >>