Walmart to Amazon: You're going down!


The ongoing battle for internet bookselling heated up on Thursday.Walmart (WMT) CEO Raul Vasquez is trash-talking Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos (pictured),according to the New York Post: "If there's going to be a Walmart on the Web," Vasquez said, "it's going to be"

Oooh -- it's on.

The comment is the latest salvo in this fall's highly publicized pricing war between the titans. In October, dropped the price of 10 bestselling books to $10. Amazon followed suit; Walmart countered with $9, and Amazon followed. Walmart downed the ante to $8.99, and Amazon backed off -- only to see match, which ducked down to $8.98. Vasquez sums up his company's pricing strategy: "If they react and match our prices, we're going to continue to lower our prices."