Spending less on Black Friday? Find out what it will get you

If you are spending less on shopping this Black Friday you're not alone. A recent survey performed by Dealnews.com found that a quarter of shoppers are planning to spend less on Black Friday.

The survey further found that fewer people will be shopping on Black Friday as a whole and that women shop for other people on Black Friday, whereas men shop for themselves.

It's no shocker that men do more shopping on themselves on Black Friday, since I know few fellows who would brave a Black Friday crowded for anyone other than themselves.

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What is surprising is that only 18% of respondents knew that you can purchase most doorbuster deals online; a trend that we expect to grow this year.

Given the fact that people plan to spend less this Black Friday we took a look at three hot Black Friday items to find out if shoppers will still be able to get what they want without spending as much on Black Friday as last year. The items are a Nintendo Wii, laptop and an HDTV, and represent some of the most sought after consumer electronics on Black Friday.

The good news is that, yes, in general you can spend less than you did in 2008 to get a similar item on Black Friday.
  • Wii - Last year a Wii, if you could find one, was still above the $200 range; now you can get a Wii for as low as $150.
  • Laptop - In 2008 Low end laptops didn't drop too far below the $400 mark; now you can get a slightly better equipped laptop for under $300.
  • HDTV - A store brand 32" HDTV was $399 in 2008; this year you can find a 32" HDTV for as low as $299.
The first place you should look for Black Friday deals, of course, is WalletPop's Black Friday coverage, but there are also several other great places to look for more information including Dealnews.com and BlackFriday.info. If you want to take your Black Friday deal hunt on the go you can even download a Black Friday iPhone app.
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