Son Blogs to Help Mom Avoid Foreclosure

Clever Christopher Simmons is employing some heart-string tugging efforts to help his mom avoid foreclosure. What mother wouldn't be proud of that?

Simmons' mom, now living in a California retirement community, is having trouble unloading her Tudor in St. Louis, Mo., so he applied some 2.0 to the situation and started a blog called Buy My Mom's House.

The home is a tad grandmotherly, but at a reasonable $129,000, that can be changed.

The 1,800-square-foot home is near the University of Missouri St. Louis, so attention students: Get some roommates and make an investment!

College towns are usually safe places to invest in property. Plus, it's got three bedrooms and a library/den that could be turned into a fourth, so if you charged the right rent, you could go Van Wilder on your college life and live for free.

The Details
It's been on the market for a year and "has been priced for a quick sell." The address is 7336 Country Club Drive. It has 1,790 sq. ft. of living space, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, coved ceilings, home office space, large family room, formal dining, and large yard. It qualifies for the $8,000 first-time buyer credit (which is now extended through April), and a $3,000 St. Louis county buyer program.

The Sob Story
In the About section of the site, Simmons says that since his father and grandmother passed away, his mom is all by herself and moved to a retirement community in California (likely to be near him). "She is on a fixed income, has no retirement income other than social security, and needs to sell this house to live on for the rest of her life, literally."

In this photo Christopher, left, and mom, Nola, along with father and brother, stand in the backyard of the St. Louis home in 1999.

We hope you find a buyer, Christopher!
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