Social Game Villes We'd Love To See


Management games like FishVille and Restaurant City follow a basic set of rules. Make things, maintain things, sell things and add new friends in order to grow your in-game virtual fortunes. It's an easy set to apply to nearly everything. Already there are farm games (FarmVille, Country Story), aquarium games (Happy Aquarium, FishVille, My Fishbowl), mafia games (Mobsters 2, Mafia Wars) , pet games (Pet Society) and foodie games (Restaurant City and Cafe World). But there are all sorts of other real-life concepts that could easily be applied to the "management game" model. Here are just a few ideas that we thought were so good, we even checked to see if the trademarks were available:

ZooVille (Trademark available!)

Players might start out with a zoo animal of their choice. From there, they could choose to have a cage style zoo or even create a massive wildlife reserve where the people drive around in cages for protection. Of course, players make money per exhibit, zoo-themed food, new attractions like penquin exhibits and more.

ChurchVille (Trademark available!)
Looking to start your own church or even your own religion? Gather your flock and their tax-free donations as you create a small church with simple pews, wall hangings and ceremonial items. Then as the flock turns into a herd, players will build bigger churchs and eventually a faith-based network of churches.

BandVille (Trademark available)
Build a band from the best players, book shows, manage roadies and merchandise for an early band of your creation. Choose friends who master skills for guitar, drum, bass, vocals or other instruments as you eventually booking tours, album releases, fans, rehab and more.

SimsVille (Trademark abandoned in 2002)
While EA owns The Sims and it did work on a game called SimsVille that never released (FYI: the associate producer for the defunct game, Virginia McArthur now works at Zynga). Now that the trademark is available, players of the game might hone the skills of their on-screen selves as they interact with friends, neighbors, pets and the occasional police raid. Experience points would also come from the strength of your friend network. Imagine a virtual game about your real life social networking skills... I smell a paradox!

BarVille (Trademark available)
Finally, you could manage your very own house of libations. Stock the bar with top and bottom shelf liquors, add staff to manage tables and orders, create nightly specials, book cover bands, laugh at comedians and occasionally escort out those who may have stayed too long. From Irish pubs to trendy joints to Coyote Ugly, BarVille would offer accessories and options that would cater to anyone's tastes, as long as they have the money.

Give Us Credit
If you use any of the ideas, make sure you tell us first! We'd love to hear about how we might create the next social game. of course, what Villes would you like to see?