Sleep Coach Help You Catch Zs

If the ol' satin eye mask isn't helping you fall asleep, there are some new products on the market that might just do the trick.

Night after night of bad sleep can add up to bad news for your health. A long-term it can cause clumsiness, weight gain, muscle aches, dizziness, nausea, dry mouth and other unpleasant conditions, not to mention and increased risk for diabetes.

Here are a few products claiming to help you catch some zzzz.

This new device is pretty intense. It consists of a clock, that looks something like a clock-radio and headband which you wear to sleep to help track your sleep patterns. The machine syncs with an online component that features a sleep journal, sleep tools and other info gathering programs. Zeo doesn't guarantee better sleep, it just provides you with information to analyze and hopefully understand your sleep problems. It's been covered on design blogs because of it's cool look and gotten some negative press based on the fact that it's not FDA approved and costs $399.

It looks like a regular pillow but buried inside is a flat speaker that hooks up to your iPod so you can pipe peaceful music or relaxation sounds under your head all night. This system would also help if you've got noisy neighbors of if you live in the city and can't sleep because of sirens or street noise. And the $50 is a little easier to digest.
This cool alarm clock by luxe-gadget shop Sharper Image is the everyman's sleep aid - it's also their best-seller. The alarm clock has 20 different nature sounds meant to soothe, put you to sleep and cover any noise that might keep you awake. Choose from bird noises, a babbling brook, ocean sounds, rain, rainforest, heartbeat - even city sounds for those cityfolk transplanted to the eerily quiet suburbs. You set the sounds to run anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes and the compact little device is only $50.
If your problem isn't sound but light keeping you awake, and if blackout shades are cost-prohibitive, then you might go the old fashioned route. You'd be surprised how total darkness can help calm the mind. And even though you won't be seeing it, Peeper Sleepers has a huge selection of masks, including a whole, crazy looking endangered species collection that looks tiger eyes, panda eyes and more. Now if they could just make Bettie Davis eyes...
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