Sarah Palin's stylist speaks out

In case you've been living under an enormous, soundproof rock this week: Sarah Palin is back. And she's everywhere you turn, promoting her tell-all biography, "Going Rogue," and addressing the hot-button subjects of Levi Johnston, Katie Couric and the infamous hundred-thousand-dollar wardrobe.

Concerning that last subject, the New York Times turns to a voice that we actually haven't heard before: the fashion stylist who engineered Palin's campaign trail wardrobe. In a fascinating sitdown, Lisa Kline explains away some of the bills.

Like much of the Sarah news this month, it's an interesting look back. Of course, what matters is the present, and the future. Thus, just as important as Kline's confessions is the Daily Beast's Vanessa Friedman's take on Palin's Oprah outfit -- in short, that the look neither rules out nor confirms a presidential bid in 2012.

But let's say Palin does make a run for it. She'll naturally want to avoid a Wardrobegate sequel, so what can we expect? Most likely, she'll take cues from Michelle Obama, who has avoided criticism over her couture habit by wearing J.Crew at high-visibility events and recycling ensembles.

And sussing out a few local Alaskan designers for pieces would give Palin some home-state cred. Of course, if the New York Times bestseller list is any indication, Palin will be able to personally afford just about any clothing under the sun by the time 2012 rolls around -- and the receipts will be nobody's business.
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