New Games This Week - Meeblings and More Bloons


NEW Free Online Games:

More Bloon free online on
More Bloon free online on

More Bloons - (web, puzzle)
Fifty more new levels for the original Bloons game.

Meeblings - (web, puzzle)
Help the Meebling use their special abilities to get home.

NEW Downloadable Games:

1. Avenue Flo - (downloadable, puzzle)

2. Creatures: Exodus - (downloadable, time management)

3. Creatures: Village - (downloadable, time management)

4. Mystery P.I Special Edition Bundle - (downloadable, puzzle)

5. Kitchen Brigade - (downloadable, time management)

6. Hollywood - The Director's Cut - (downloadable, puzzle)

Delicious - Emily's Holiday Season - (downloadable, time management)