Triple the Salary - Thanks To Nukes

Most residents like Sally Delk love the clean power and high paying jobs of nuclear power. But some fear the potential dangers are being ignored.

By Steve Hargreaves


BAY CITY, Texas ( -- Minimum wage to $20 an hour.

That's what 28-year old mother-of-three Sally Delk hopes to do with a job at the local nuclear power plant.

Delk is currently enrolled in night classes at the community college here in town. In two years, she hopes to get a degree in nuclear technology, and turn a $7.25-an-hour job flipping burgers into a position at the plant making $15 to $20 an hour.

"I have three kids I have to support, and it's a very good job," Delk said, lingering after class on a recent evening. "I don't really know all the different jobs at the plant, but I know you can work your way up."

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