Top 10 Jobs for 2010

by Ed Orum for AOL Find a Job

jobs 2010Many job hunters will be happy to put 2009 to rest, and welcome 2010 with an eagerness that the job market will pick up. Staffing firm Robert Half recently put together a list of what it believes to be 10 Promising Jobs for 2010. The company has identified opportunities in accounting and finance, information technology and administrative fields.

In accounting and finance, salaries are actually expected to increase by an average of .5 percent in 2010. Companies want financial pros who can crunch numbers, communicate clearly with various departments and help manage costs.

Job titles to look for include:

1. Tax accountant

Help companies save money by managing their tax bills.

Average Salary:$42,135 to $55,564

2. Compliance director

New Securities and Exchange rules mean lots of regulations to follow.

Average Salary:$66,955 to $104,232

3. Credit manager/supervisor

Keep cash flowing by evaluating credit risk and getting delinquent accounts to pay up.

Average Salary:$39,317 to $64,892

4. Senior financial analyst

Evaluate financial plans, budgets and figure out way to increase profits.

Average Salary: $44,212 to $60,938

While starting IT salaries will drop by about 1.3 percent in 2010, the job prospects are promising because computers are the future! The growth is in positions that help companies reduce costs by implementing new technologies. Here are some keywords to get you started:

5. Network administrator

The most in demand position of any IT job. If you can speak cloud computing, Voice over IP and software, this job is for you.

Average Salary:$41,620 to $60,459

6. Information systems security manager

Companies don't want their top-secret data leaked out all over the web; you'll help keep it that way.

Average Salary:$59,395 to $87,024

7. Systems engineer

Someone has to make sense of all of new and emerging technologies. You'll set the foundation for a smooth transition to the future.

Average Salary:$59,395 to $87,024

Offices also need excellent administrators to keep things running smoothly. Demand is strong for workers who can multitask, have excellent computer skills, are willing to learn and aren't afraid to adapt to change. Best prospects include:

8. Medical record clerk

Hospitals are going digital, they need workers who can help them scan and process patient data.

Average Hourly Salary:$9.58 to $12.83

9. Customer service representative

Customer service has never been more critical to success, so play up your ability to provide service with a smile.

Average Hourly Salary:$10.60 to $14.19

10. Executive assistant

Expect to support multiple manager and take on a wide range of duties.

Average Salary:$37,010 to $52,042

The report also noted that even in this glut of candidates climate, businesses are still having a tough time finding highly skilled candidates, so put your best resume forward and consider getting your foot in the door with an internship or temporary assignment.

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