Pre-Fab is Green Fabulous

Last week Epoch Homes won first place in the 2010 Excellence in Home Design for Green Modular Home. The competition, sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), presented the award in Marco Island, Florida.

The award-winning home met LEED and NAHB Green Building Guidelines. The home was Platnum LEED certified and the first to achieve Gold under the Build Green NH Guidelines. Epoch Homes began emphasizing green construction in the late 1990's when they partnered with the Department of Energy on the Cambridge Co-Housing project, resulting in their first Platinum LEED certified project.

John Ela, Epoch CEO and owner stated, "Epoch continues to explore new technologies to make green building affordable and to simplify the process, encouraging our Builder Network to try new approaches. While building in a controlled factory environment is inherently greener than traditional site building, we try to go beyond that by offering new materials, insulation and wall systems."

He added that "Green Building and Custom Building are two approaches that go hand in hand to meet the needs of today's discerning home buyer. Our willingness to listen to the customer has allowed us to build some of the greenest homes in the country. It is an honor to be recognized by our peers for our leadership in building beautiful green homes."

Mobile homes and energy-efficient, modular construction are getting more attention recently. A group in Texas purchased the land underneath their mobile homes, an unusual move that affordable living experts hope will start a trend. New mobile homes are modularly-built, and newer models are frequently conservation-focused.

Similarly, the largest solar-powered housing community built by one developer was placed on the Los Angeles housing market last week.

More green-friendly tips and housing news can be found here at Rented Spaces' Apartment Earth.
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