Note to Goldman: Small-biz education is good. Showing them the money is better


Dear Lloyd:

I read about your kind offer to spend $500 million to help 10,0000 U.S. small businesses by underwriting continuing education courses for them at local colleges and giving money to community-lending institutions for loans. I'm certain this offer is sincere. However, as someone who has tried launch a small business and who has many small-business owners as friends, I can assure you that most of them don't need any community college course to learn how to make money.

No, their needs are far more mundane. They need cheaper health insurance for their employees. They need lower taxes on their revenues. They need more earnings to pay their employees a fair living. They need funds to buy supplies because their credit lines have been eliminated and their vendors are demanding COD payments. In short, they need more money, not more schooling.

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