Mafia Wars "Raid the Docks" Job Shortened to 8 Hours

Moscow and Cuba might sound more interesting but the push to finish all the jobs in Mafia Wars' first stomping grounds, New York went into high gear this week for Big Apple Week. Offering double the loot and double the mastery, there's little reason not to play. Yet the event's biggest action is with the Raid the Docks job - a special job that gives players double the experience for the energy they'd put into it. The first day of the event, Sunday, allowed players to master a portion of the job every 24 hours.

Yesterday, the Mafia Wars team shortened that span of time to a mere 8-hours. Yes, you'll still need lots of energy to complete the event in a day or two but it can be done. We'll speculate that the reason for the change of frequency might also indicate that players are using their energy points to complete tiered jobs before special job and given that the event ends on November 22, Zynga's making it easier for dedicated players to complete both.

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