Instant Garden for Your Rental

It's hard to care about a rental garden. You're not going to be there forever and gardening can get costly. But what if you could bring your garden with you to your next apartment?

Italian designer Gionata Gatto came up with these box-shaped gardens that can be moved around, which also means you can move them into the sun, a bonus if you live around tall buildings where sun is at a premium.

Rooftop garden, stoop garden, heck, living-room garden, the possibilities are endless. Here's how they work...

Gatto's "Urban Buds"
are designed to be reminescent of suitcases. Each is filled with soil and has holes for approximately 36 plants. Gatto hopes you'll plant them with fruit and vegetables.

The idea is that cities are filled with people of many different ethnicities and background and each brings their culture into the mix. With a suitcase garden, they can share their tastes in food with their neighbors.

"The design of the project involves the metaphor of a suitcase as a symbol of cultural background," says Gatto. "We all are use to say that wherever we move we bring with us our backpack of culture, background, our bag of experiences."

If all goes well, eventually the "suitcases" will be covered in plants and essentially be like green pods scattered around cities. See more photos of the project at DesignBoom.
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