Gift Cards Declutter Your Apartment

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Federal Reserve has proposed new rules to protect gift card users from fees and unexpected restrictions that result in the loss of a card's value.

The proposed rules would prohibit fees associated with inactivity. It would also limit tacked-on "service fees" on gift cards to a maximum of once a month, preventing the erosion of a card's value. Most critically, customers would need to be given clear and conspicuous disclosures about all fees.

Gift cards make the ideal gift for many apartment dwellers. You know they'll physically fit into any apartment, and, they'll be used to purchase items that appeal to the recipient's specific tastes or needs.

Here are some ways to leverage those gift cards and de-clutter your apartment.

Use your gift cards toward space-saving furniture

Here's a table that everyone can squeeze around. Or perhaps you'd prefer one that folds up. Take a cue from the Japanese - they know all about small spaces.

Use your gift cards to lighten the load

Yes, it's now possible to ditch the dvds. And the books. You can also use gift cards for purchasing that lighten your load.

Not a fan of gift cards? Just try to avoid ever paying full price. That card never expires.
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