FarmVille on PlayStation 3? Sony Says "Why Not?"


As of today, PlayStation 3 owners will finally get access to Facebook. Just a day after its Xbox 360 competitors received access to the popular social network, gamers on the Blu-ray enabled console will now be able to show off their Trophies, purchase information and specific game events on their Facebook page.

Meeting with representatives of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) yesterday in Washington, DC, Facebook integration, the system's future and the system's three year anniversary were all discussed. But we asked if there was any hope of getting popular Facebook games like FarmVille, Restaurant World or other games on the PlayStation 3? A company representative said that while the choice to bring a Facebook game to PlayStation 3 would be up to the game's publisher, be it Zynga, Playdom or other company, Sony wouldn't be against it. The rep felt that the PSP may ultimately be a better platform any such effort.

Given the recent "it does everything" marketing campaign by Sony, the PlayStation 3's stake in the gaming race has only been dwarfed by its success with capturing 60% of the Blu-ray player market. With hardware units installed in that many homes and Facebook games looking to capture a large chunk of the non-gamer audience, discussions to bring those games to the family TV seems like a no-brainer. For now, we'll wait.

Today's PlayStation 3 Update
To get a taste of what Facebook is like on PlayStation 3 as of the 3.10 update that released today, owners need to merely select System Update from the XMB navigation bar. Once done, they'll be able to push their Trophy achievements to Facebook by comparing Trophies to a friend or by checking their PlayStation 3's Trophy Collection. Purchases and demo downloads can also be posted to Facebook but the user does get the option to not post, thus evading any awkward conversations about one's spending habits. The option should make it eaiser to decide on which games to purchase based on the ones that a friend is playing.

The last part of the update today is the option for developers to add specific events into their future games (or via updates). So those could run from posting information that you've completed a level, found a special item, beaten a friend in competition or quantitative results ("Micheal killed 1,000 foes!").

(As of 11:40am ET, the 3.10 update had not yet arrived. )