Black Friday: Fake Apple ad excites and disappoints fanboys

iPod nanosPopular and boisterous tech blog Boy Genius Report this week ran what one of their contacts claimed to be Apple's Black Friday ad. The ad claimed that Apple would be going against tradition and offering huge cuts across the Apple lineup.

Just how big were the claimed discounts? The ad claims that Apple will offer up to 30% off of all iPods, up to 25% off of all Macs and up to 15% off of accessories, software and other Mac hardware. Needless to say, these would be big, and I mean BIG, discounts for Apple to pull out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If they were true, that is.

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The bad news for anyone hoping to stuff an Apple in their stocking is that Apple's Black Friday ad is as fake as that $30 iPod touch you saw at a flea market this summer.

A phone request for comment from Apple was not answered.

If the compelling evidence put forth by TUAW, which includes a look at the discounts on Apple products of years past and the fact that Apples are already popular at their premium prices doesn't convince you that this is a fake ad, then perhaps Boy Genius Report user MacDuke's link to the fan made background, that is the base image of the fake ad, will clear things up for you.

Even though this Apple is rotten, the actual deals on Apple products are already leaking out at several other stores. Best Buy is rumored to be offering the new Macbook for $999 and a $150 gift card on Black Friday and several stores such as MacMall have already offered discounts of up to $200 off of the Macbook Pro notebooks as part of pre-Black Friday promotions.

Fakes are one of the unfortunate issues surrounding Black Friday ads. So many consumers want to see the Black Friday ads that there is an incredible amount of pressure to come up with leaked ads first. This leads to pranksters with too much time on their hands creating fake ads in Photoshop and tricking many consumers into expecting discounts that will never appear.

This is one of the biggest reasons that more retailers should take ownership of their Black Friday ads like Meijer and Staples have. Even though this ad has nothing to do with Apple, you can bet on Black Friday some poor Apple retail staffer will have to explain to an irate customer that the printout of the Boy Genius Reports page isn't a real ad. Then again, that's probably better than doing the newly required dance at Microsoft retail stores.
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