Want Coke? Not at Costco


Costco wholesale clubs won't be selling Coca-Cola products any longer. The chain is reportedly dropping the brand due to a dispute over pricing.

Neither Coke nor Costco offered more explanation, but Bloomberg news quotes a statement from Costco's Web site that states, "At this time, Coca-Cola has not provided Costco with competitive pricing so that we may pass along the value our members deserve."

That statement is no longer accessible under the Coke product listing, which simply says the item is no longer available. But a Costco representative confirmed Monday to news outlets that the chain won't be carrying products from Coca-Cola.

Brands included: Coke Classic, Cherry Coke, Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite and Squirt, Dasani Water and Vitamin Water along with sports and energy drinks.