The Daily Wrap: Women Click for Virtual Cash, Aquarium Games Make a Splash


Women Click More for Virtual Money
A report says 78% of women who play social games have clicked on ads or signed up for a direct marketing promotion (as in, take a survey in exchange for 1,000 coins!) to earn virtual currency without having to pay real-life cash. People who rack up virtual currency says it's "fun" and "addictive." Uh oh, does that mean we're breeding a generation of virtual shop-a-holics?

Fish Rule the World (or Facebook, at least)
Facebook gamers around the world are going mad for aquarium games. Both Happy Aquarium and FishVille gained the most followers last week, says number crunching site AppData. The brand new Fishville gained 9 million new players and Happy Aquarium pulled in almost 2 million new players. Fish, anyone?

It's Official: "Unfriending" is An Actual Word

The act of unfriending is, well, like breaking up. But it's so commonly used that the Oxford dictionary will be adding the term to the big book's pages, along with "tramp stamp" and "funemployed." Unfriending, we can see. Tramp stamp and funemployed? Seems like Oxford has seriously lowered its standards.

Mafia Wars, FarmVille Creator, Zynga, Raises $15 Million (More) Dollars
Free cows for everyone! And, yes, social gaming is blazing hot right now, so much that an undisclosed venture capitalist wrote the company behind Mafia Wars, FarmVille etc a giant check.