Small Paws shares the love by cutting dog adoption fees in half

The recession saw many losing their homes and wondering where -- or if -- they'd get their next meal. And we're not just talking about people.

Shelters and rescue organizations continue to see an increase, some as much as 10%, of homeless dogs file into their doors. Many have been surrendered by their human families who can no longer afford to care for them.

In the hopes of placing some of these furries in "forever homes," some clever groups are looking to Black Friday's example of deals and "deep discounts."

Small Paws Rescue, Inc., the largest breed rescue in the country, is having a Share the Love "sale." In 11 years, the Oklahoma based group has placed more than 7,500 dogs. And now, Small Paws has set its sites on finding homes for the holidays for the influx of dogs they've taken in.

According to its Web site, the normal fees for adopting a dog are:
  • For dogs under eight years old the Small Paws Rescue's adoption fee is $150. This adoption fee includes vaccinations, heartworm check, teeth cleaning (if needed) and altering (if over 6 months of age.)
  • For dogs over eight years old the adoption fee is reduced to $75.
  • Bonded pairs may be adopted together for the single adoption fee outlined above.
  • If shipping your new dog to you is required, there will be these additional fees: $175 for air fare, $40 for an airline approvedcrate, and $35 for an FAA required veterinary health certificate.(The crate, health certificate and airfare are not refundable.)

But the organization has taken bold steps to ensure their dogs find loving, safe and stable "forever homes."

Now through Dec. 31, Small Paws has cut its normal adoption fee (of $150 for dogs under eight years old) by 50% -- to $75. Dogs eight and older can be adopted for $37.50. Additional airfare (if necessary) still applies.

To adopt a Small Paws dog, visit the adoption page.

For more information about homeless animals visit the American Humane Society.
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