One Man's Trash... For $12K

Neiman Marcus has just come out with its annual Christmas Book, which, in addition to their (relatively) normal selection of high-end fashion and accessories, always includes their compilation of "Fantasy Gifts." Sort of an anti- Black Friday ad, for those shoppers looking to spend large this holiday season.

This year's selection includes such must-have items as a cupcake car ($25,000, with coordinating hat!), a limited-edition Jaguar with matching 5-piece luggage set ($105,000), a customized tour of the Maker's Mark bourbon distillery ($7,500, and we're not scoffing at that one!), and a chandelier made from 366 landfill-rescued plastic bottles. For $12,000. Say what?!

The lighting fixture - elaborately monikered as a "Sustainable Design Art Chandelier" - is made from the abstractly flower-shaped bottoms of several hundred clear plastic soda bottles. British designer Michelle Brand strung the plastic bits together into an ethereal 5-foot sculpture that plays with light and challenges our notion of "trash."

They say that the recession is over, so let's see if anyone is willing to lay out $12K for a bit of recycled luxury. As for my stocking, I'd prefer the bourbon experience and the $4,500 in change.
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