Norah Jones' Windows Hit Sour Note

Today the talented Norah Jones released her fourth solo record titled "The Fall." She probably wasn't referring to her "fall from grace" in the eyes of a few Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, neighbors.

They accuse Jones of using her star power to do some "inappropriate" remodeling to her 1843 brownstone.

The big fuss? Norah's neighbors are raising a stink over some windows. You see, her brownstone has one side without any windows at all right now. She wants to hang 10 double-hung windows...

The Cobble Hill Association claims that the Grammy-Award-winning singer used a loophole and some old-fashioned charm to get approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). They say Jones went to the LPC to file a "minor change" application. Then they say she slid the proposed windows into the application later, and, the officials were so smitten they decided to overlook them.

The neighbors charge that the windows are both historically inconsistent and structurally dubious. The neighbors claim it sets a "dangerous precedent" in the historic district, and, they are trying to block her renovations with a lawsuit.

Jones replied, "With respect to the Cobble Hill Association, my windows went through the approvals process with Landmarks" and are not "out of character" with the neighborhood." She added in an email to the NY Post that her goal is the same as the association's: "to keep Cobble Hill "beautiful and peaceful."
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