Happy Pets Game Blows Up on Facebook


Look out Pet Society and Pogo Puppies -- a new game is in town and its gunning to be the top dog of pet-themed social games. Happy Pets, the new game from CrowdStar (the creators of the popular Happy Aquarium) lets you adopt a kitten, take it home and make sure it stays well-fed and entertained.

happy pets facebook games
happy pets facebook games

Like the other pet games out there, you'll have to visit a virtual store to buy food, toys and decorations for your cat's humble abode. Unlike Pet Society and Pogo Puppies, you can unleash the cat lady inside and adopt more than one pet. How many exactly? We're still testing this in the Games.com social gaming laboratory.

The entire game experience is based on virtual coins, which can be earned by taking care of your pets, clicking on the piggy bank in your pet's home and in your friends' homes every day and, of course, there's the option to use real-life cash to buy coins to use in the game.

Since Happy Pet's launch on November 10, the number of players have skyrocketed to just under a million in a single week. I never met a kitten I couldn't resist, and it seems like thousands of others can't either.

Stay turned for more Happy Pets information (including cheats and tips) this week.