Furor grows after Silk soy milk labels are quietly changed from 'organic' to 'natural'


Organic food advocates have turned against a once highly-embraced brand, Silk soy milk, after the company that owns it quietly altered the products' label from government-regulated "organic" to the practically meaningless "natural" without properly notifying customers.

The silence surrounding the label change has fueled a public battle between the farm policy research and advocacy group Cornucopia Institute and dairy giant Dean Foods, which owns White Wave, the maker of the Silk line of soy milk products. Organic devotees say products that are not organic can be grown with pesticides and other chemicals without running afoul of the virtually unregulated claim of being "natural."

Making matters worse, consumers have been doubly irked to find out that they were paying the same pumped up prices organic commands for the new, less-than-organic version.