FishVille Cheats & Tips: Ultimate Feeding Guide


You love FishVille but your fish keep dying and you don't know why. Well, you're not feeding them. Here five tips on the feeding life cycle of your fish.

1) Feeding Newborn Fish

Once they get out of that egg, new fish are born hungry. You'll have to feed them right away.

2) Post Birth Feeding

Now that they're here, baby fish need to be fed twice their growth period. So a Mini Dart Goby, which ages once ever five minutes would need feeding in 10 minutes.

3) Mature Fish Eat Less Frequently

After a few age cycles, your fish mature. With that maturity comes a new benefit. They need to be fed less often. So that Mini Dart Goby fish that needed feeding every 10 minutes needs to be fed every two days when it hits age four.

3) Don't Fear the Yellow Hunger Bubble

Freaking out and feeding your fish every time you see a fish think about food isn't a good idea. While the food is free and you can't feed them too much. While the food thoughts do indicate hunger, the icon usually starts to show up a little while after you feed them. To time out their next feeding slide over a fish and look at the amount the "Feed In" amount.

4) Do Fear the Orange/Red Hunger Bubble

When fish need to be fed, that yellow hunger bubble turns orange and the "Feed In" amount changes to "Feed Now!" If you don't feed them...

5) Dead Fish

Yes, if you don't feed your fish... they die. The money you spent to buy the fish egg as well as the time you spent feeding the fish has now gone to waste. For scooping them out, you do get 1 XP.

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