First Smoke-Free Apartment Building

One New York apartment building is striking at New Yorkers last bastion for smoking - their apartments.

New Yorkers already have to watch where they light up. Cigarette smoking is already banned inside office buildings, restaurants, bars and taxis. Now one new apartment building is reaching the last resort place to take a drag: apartments. Brrrrr, and winter's just around the corner.

The new East Harlem apartment building, at 1510 Lexington Ave., will be the first in New York to ban smoking. Residents can't even smoke on the sidewalk out front - and neither can the construction workers building the 298-unit tower.

The problem seems to be that smokers can't keep their smoke to themselves, and nonsmokers are rightfully, getting puffed up about it. According to New York's CBS TV, a recent study by the New York City Department of Health says 57 percent of non-smokers have had substantial exposure to cigarette smoke. Some buildings are apparently banning smoking for new tenants, while existing tenants are grandfathered in and allowed to smoke.

The non-smoking building sounds like a pretty sweet place. It has "upscale apartments, with concierge service, a large gym, and gardens." Tenants will have to sign their smoking rights away.

"The tenant will sign a rider to their lease that says that both they and all visitors they bring into the building will abide by the non-smoking rule," said Neil Sigety of Kenbar Management, which runs the building.

So that means no big parties, but maybe it'll be worth it for the extra years on your life.
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