FarmVille Cheats & Tips: A Tale of Two Turkeys

Seems like there's a whole lot of turkeys roaming around FarmVille these days and we wanted to clear up any confusion.

First, there's the limited edition Baby Turkey (on the left in the pic below), which you can buy in the FarmVille Market for 7 FarmVille dollars. After three days, the baby turkey transforms into a full-grown turkey (see second pic below). Then after two days, the gobbler can be harvested for turkey feathers (for 80 coins).

farmville turkey

Then, there's the Wild Turkey (on right in both pics), which can only be adopted from friends who find them, lost and scared, on their farms. Like the regular Turkey, the Wild Turkey can be harvested in two days for turkey feathers (for 80 coins).

farmville turkeys side by side

Does that help clear up any turkey questions? Good, now get back to farming.

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