Black Friday: Buy Wii at Meijer and get $50 coupon

For the longest time leaked Black Friday ads have been a part of the bargain hunting game.

Sure you can wait until Thanksgiving to look at the ads, but who wants to fight off tryptophan to look for the best deal?

The practice of posting ads online has long been a thorn in retailers' sides, and some of them even continue to fight the leaks, but others are embracing the Internet and releasing their ads for all to see.

Just like Staples did last week, Meijer officially released its Black Friday ad for all to see.

The Midwest retailer has several deals that might actually be worth standing in line for, especially since the limited quantities are high compared to what we normally see.

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Leading off the Black Friday bargains is a Nintendo Wii with a coupon for $50 off of your next shopping trip. The fact that the price hasn't been inflated with bundled games or accessories and the ability to use your $50 coupon on groceries makes it a very tempting offer. It doesn't hurt that each store will have a minimum of 50 units in stock for Black Friday.

Meijer's Black Friday sales are rounded out by several other deals including;
  • $9 Blu-ray movies
  • $50 off coupon with purchase of 8GB iPod Touch
  • Buy Two Get One deals on Lego's
  • 15% off any non-doorbuster general merchandise product
As a shopper it's great to see more retailers releasing their ads ahead of time so that we can compare the deals and research the products. Hopefully more retailers will adopt this practice for next Black Friday.

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