The World's Fugliest Buildings

Ugly is a relative term. And when you're talking architecture, some critics might bash a building because it's out of scale or context with it's location or it's time in history. A big no-no. But sometimes it's simply not attractive; a bad idea or a Frankenstein-like mix of too many styles. Travel & Leisure compiled some of the ugliest of uglies and we've condensed that list here. What do you think? Ugly or art?

The World's Fugliest Buildings
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The World's Fugliest Buildings
Won't you join me for a picnic in my office... EVERY DAY!? Not sure what kid disguised as an adult gave this should-be-in-Disney building the O.K. but that guy needs to be banished to EPCOT to hang with Figment.
This is either the work or an autistic giant with a rock fetish or Gaudi's drunk brother. Either way, we're scared, but can't stop staring.
We'll give these an A for effort but maybe D- for result. The Dutch government ran a competition for experimental housing and these "spere-houses" were the winners. But who would want to live in the 18-feet across round house with tiny windows. I just hope they don't roll around a lot in their sleep.
Duuude, what were you smokin' when you decided to cover the rock museum with a mushmouth from Fat Albert hat. "I-ba say-ba Frank Gehry-ba got only one trick-ba." And it's getting tired.
Did The Donald come up with this design? (No, I guess not enough pizazz for him.) Architect Michael Graves, however, was trying to throw just a few too many materials into this post-modern mess. He should have listened to his modernist predesessor Mies van der Rohe's famous "less is more" mantra.
See, libraries aren't dead! They're now just solids with 18 squares and 8 trangles - or rhombicuboctahedron if you want to get nerdy, and I'm sure these librarians do. Way to go Belarus, now you're known for something, sort of.
The battleship has landed sir. Shall we attack the aliens or let them die from the site of our ship. 'Nuf said.
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