Create a Boss for Mafia Wars: Bangkok Contest Begins


The next episode of Mafia Wars takes place in Bangkok and while the game's creators aren't snicking, they're not floating with the fishes yet either. Instead of dishing the details, the team is doing something better - they're letting fans of the social networking game come up with a boss that they'd like to see in the game.

Announced through The Official Mafia Wars Blog, players have until November 23 at 5pm PT to add a two minutes or less video to YouTube that will pitch the team on a boss they think should be part of Mafia Wars: Bangkok. If chosen, one first place winner will enjoy 1,000 Godfather points as second place scores 500 Godfather points and third gets 250. All entries must adhere to PG-13 rules where "nudity, profanity, racial slurs, illegal activity, etc." should be avoided.

If you've got a great idea for the best Mafia Wars boss ever, grab a camera and take a chance. So far, no one's posted a video on the Mafia Wars page on YouTube.

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