Google eats more Web search share as Bing also rings up gains, Yahoo falters


Internet titan Google (GOOG) increased its Web search market-share again in October, while No. 2 Yahoo (YHOO) lost share at a "scary" pace, in the words of one analyst. Bing, Microsoft's (MSFT) new service and the No. 3 player, also registered gains, reported ComScore, an Internet metrics company.

Overall, Google's web search share climbed to 65.4% last month, up from 64.9% in September. Microsoft rose to 9.9% from 9.4%, while Yahoo fell to 18% from 18.8%. October saw the fifth consecutive share increase for Microsoft. But Google's share increased to the highest level ComScore has ever registered for the company. "Tonight's data was positive for Google and Microsoft, and scary for Yahoo," Broadpoint AMTech internet analyst Ben Schachter said in a note to clients.